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Purpose: The purpose of this course is to teach students how to study the Bible for themselves using a method that will help them to grow deeper in their understanding and application of the Word of God.

Students will be taught a form of the inductive method combined with historical and literary analysis. The teacher guides the group step by step through the process while sharing tools that can be used when the students study on their own.

Course Goals: Students will be familiar with the basic framework of inductive Bible study and the principles of validity in interpretation. Upon completion students should be able to apply these in the interpretation of biblical texts.


Course Recordings                                          

Week 1: Introduction 

Week 2: Introduction Continued

Week 3: What kind of literature is it?

Week 4: What is the purpose? (audio)

Week 5: Who is the author?

Week 6: Author Continued

Week 7: Original Recipients

Week 8: Structure

Week 9: Structure Continued (Phrasing / Block Outlines)

Week 10: Structure continued

Week 11: Structure continued again (last class on block outlines)

Week 12: Chiastic Structure

Week 13: Transitions and Imperatives

Week 14: Pronouns

Week 15: Verbs

Week 16: Checklist Continued

Week 17: More Checklist

Week 18: Texts & Redemptive History

Week 19: Review

Course Notes

Week 1: Look at your fish

Week 1: Nacarema (optional) 

Week 2: Inductive Study Checklist         

Week 3: Literary structure (Narratives and Letters)

Week 6: Who is James?

Week 6: Summary Through Week 6

Week 7: Cultural Observation- Slavery 1, Slavery 2

Week 7: Insight into the ESV translation of slave vs. bonservant

Week 7: Cultural Observation- Love Feasts

Week 8: Outline

Week 9: Jude block diagram (in class), Alternate 1, Alternate 2, Additional Example

Week 10: No Notes

Week 11: Final Block Structure Outline

Week 12: Jude Chiastic Structure

Week 13-15: Pronouns, Verbs, etc.

Week 16-19: No Notes, All in-class work