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Purpose: The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the structure, order, and general content of the Book of Psalms.

Course Goals: Upon completion Students should be able to identify the basic psalm types, understand how the psalter functions as a complete book, and be able to use the psalms more effectively in their own prayer and worship.


Week 1: General Introduction                                              Week 1 Notes

Week 2: Psalms of Lament                                                  Week 2 Notes

Week 3: Psalms of Imprecation                                           Week 3 Notes

Week 4: Imprecation Continued                                          Same as week 3

Week 5: Psalms of Praise                                                   Week 5 Notes

Week 6: Psalms of Thanksgiving                                        Week 6 Notes

Week 7: Royal, Torah, & Other Psalm Types                      Week 7 Notes

Psalm Reference Chart

Week 8: Arrangement of the Psalms (part 1)                   Week 8 Notes

Week 9: Arrangement of the Psalms (part 2)                  Week 9 Notes

Week 10: Christ in the Psalms                                         Week 10 Notes

Week 11: Christ in the Psalms Continued                         (Same as week 10)

Week 12: The Poetry of the Psalms                              Week 12 Notes

Week 13: The Poetry of the Psalms Continued              (Same as week 12)